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Galleon Announces New 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder at ITC 2022

Galleon Announces New 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder at ITC 2022 Galleon Embedded Computing is excited to introduce its latest innovative solution, the 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder. This low-latency, deterministic ethernet recorder can capture up to 8 channels of UDP traffic at 10GbE link speeds while also providing high-precision synchronized playback. […]

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Galleon’s XSR & G1 Rugged Computing Solutions Achieve NIAP Certified Dual Layer Encryption for Data at Rest

The XSR & G1, Galleon’s most versatile and sought-after rugged computing solutions, have achieved certification through the National Information Association Partnership on its hardware and software full-disk encryption. NIAP oversees the certification of commercial information technology products for national security systems, and after an extensive evaluation through a NIAP-approved Common Criteria Testing Laboratory (CCTL), the XSR & G1 will carry Dual-Layer Encryption Certifications. This certification applies in all Common Criteria partner countries and will allow Galleon’s customers to deploy the rugged XSR & G1 computing solutions quickly, effectively, and into harsh environments where classified data protection is required.

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Galleon Supercharges the XSR Product Family with 9th Generation Intel® Processors

Galleon Embedded Computing is proud to announce the latest update in technologies applied across the XSR core product line. Now equipped with the 9th Generation Intel® Xeon® 2276ME Processor, the XSR family will boast higher-frequency performance with 6-core processor support, increased memory up to 96 GB, and low-power options housed within a thermally-optimized package. Galleon’s future-proof engineering ensures scalability with increased lifecycle support.

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Recording Sensor Data for Training AI

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are growing rapidly. A critical success factor for these applications is the ability to provide realistic data to train the AI. For applications that rely on video, there are specific challenges, especially if the AI will operate with uncompressed video.

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Mission Video Recorder

The customer needed a multi-source digital video recorder for use onboard an airborne platform. This requirement also included additional/optional Audio and Composite video inputs, and the requirement to record both Uncompressed and Compressed video data at the same time – all of which needed to be combined is a single LRU for simple installation on the aircraft.

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NAS for Deployed Systems

Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides an open standard interface for the collection, distribution, and security of data on deployed systems. Galleon Embedded Computing’s G1 and XSR NAS offerings are SWAP optimized for the most demanding applications providing the highest storage and I/O capabilities in the smallest form factors.

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