Spectra Aerospace & Defense is a trusted and growing platform of C5ISR companies – CALCULEX, Galleon Embedded Computing, and ArgonFDS - bringing over a half-century of rugged, mission-ready, battle-tested experience to bear in aerospace and defense applications. From high-speed data acquisition, data recording and secure, high-density storage, to computing and rugged, clear display of mission data, Spectra delivers the products and subsystems needed for the most demanding military air, land, and sea platforms. With our comprehensive portfolio of rugged products, systems, and solutions, the Spectra family of companies’ customized end-to-end solutions for the C5ISR market help military end-users achieve mission success. Simply put, Spectra companies help you Capture, Process, and Display your mission-critical data in the harshest environmental conditions. In the air, at sea, on land, and in space, we’ve got you covered.


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May 14th-15th, 2024 Oslo, Norway TBD

Spectra Aerospace & Defense, a respected collective of military and defense electronic companies, is poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming FSI INFO/ERFA 2024. This event, scheduled from May 14th to 15th at the Sundvolden Hotel, provides a prime platform for us to demonstrate our prowess in C5ISR solutions.

Our distinguished subsidiaries – Galleon Embedded Computing, CALCULEX, and ArgonFDS – will be representing us at this event, offering mission-ready solutions that are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the harshest environments worldwide, ranging from terrestrial landscapes to the vast vacuum of space.

At FSI INFO/ERFA, we will showcase our array of Rugged Recorders, Computers, and Displays. These systems are not merely products; they are the embodiment of our commitment to excellence, mission-readiness, and reliability. Each device exemplifies our mission to deliver secure end-to-end information systems, capable of adapting to changing requirements over a program’s lifecycle.

Our team of seasoned professionals, each possessing a unique blend of knowledge and experience, will be available for discussions regarding your specific needs and how our solutions can enhance your operations. We understand the intricate challenges faced by professionals tasked with the development of deployable platforms, and we stand ready to offer our expertise in crafting tailored solutions.

We cordially invite you to schedule a meeting with our team at FSI INFO/ERFA 2024. This is your opportunity to explore the potential of a partnership with Spectra Aerospace & Defense and discover how our technology can enable your mission success.

We look forward to engaging with you at FSI INFO/ERFA and showcasing our capabilities. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule a meeting. Your success is our mission.

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