Galleon’s XSR & G1 Rugged Computing Solutions Achieve NIAP Certified Dual Layer Encryption for Data at Rest

The XSR & G1, Galleon’s most versatile and sought-after rugged computing solutions, have achieved certification through the National Information Association Partnership on its hardware and software full-disk encryption. NIAP oversees the certification of commercial information technology products for national security systems, and after an extensive evaluation through a NIAP-approved Common Criteria Testing Laboratory (CCTL), the XSR & G1 will carry Dual-Layer Encryption Certifications. This certification applies in all Common Criteria partner countries and will allow Galleon’s customers to deploy the rugged XSR & G1 computing solutions quickly, effectively, and into harsh environments where classified data protection is required.

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How the RDM helps in data security

How the RDM Helps in Data Security

Sensitive data transportation is a critical concern for many industries, particularly those that deal with confidential information. Removable data modules (RDMs) have been developed by Galleon Embedded Computing as a secure and efficient way to transfer data between systems. In this article, we will explore how Galleon’s RDMs aid in […]

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G1 Article

5 Ways the G1 Family “Gets It Done” for Integrators

5 Ways That the G1 Product Family “Gets It Done” for Integrators The G1 product family has been one of the bedrocks of Galleon Embedded Computing’s continued success through the years. The G1 family provides a wide range of processing capabilities packaged in extremely small enclosures but with impressive low-power […]

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Sea Air Space 2023

Galleon’s XSR at the Sea-Air-Space Conference and Symposium

Galleon’s XSR at the Sea-Air-Space Conference and Symposium The annual Sea-Air-Space exposition and conference will take place between April 3rd to 5th in National Harbor, Maryland. Sea-Air-Space provides numerous networking and business-generating opportunities for businesses who serve the military industry. Additionally, Sea-Air-Space brings together professionals from the military and international […]

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