CP50 Control Panel

Rugged Control Panel – COTS HMI Control of Recorder Applications

‣ HMI Control of Recorder applications‣ Simple control I/F
‣ Cockpit mounting‣ Replicates proven Ethernet Control
‣ Video/audio recording‣ COTS
‣ Ethernet recording
‣ sFPDP recording
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Galleon Embedded Computing offers a dedicated user interface unit, the CP50, to be able to control either the XSR or G1 Recorders, Servers, and Processor products. Using a software programmable and customizable interface, the CP50 provides the user a simple and easy-to-use interface into the XSR and G1 systems for control and status reporting. Functions such as BIT, recorder status, start and stop, and playback can all be brought out to the control panel.

The CP50 is a proven COTS product that is easy to mount using DZUS fasteners. Control of the system is over a dedicated connection from the XSR or G1 recorder. Power from the XSR or G1 is provided on the same cable, simplifying the system install.

The CP50 is NGV/NVIS Class B compatible, rugged, and tested to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461.

The CP50 is ideally suited for use in applications where a stand-alone control interface is desired such as video recorder, flight test recording, sensor recording, and general-purpose status display. Galleon has ready-to-run CP50 Control Panel applications for recording systems, including Video, Ethernet, and sFPDP, enabling easy control and short system integration time for rapid deployment. Other applications can be programmed by Galleon Embedded Computing’s system integration teams for specific needs.

Galleon Embedded Computing’s quality management system is certified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001.

Key Features
• Simple Menu-driven operation
• Start/stop recording
• Event Marking
• Playback
• Start/stop playback
• FFWD/REW/Pause
• Status Information
• DO-160 qualified
• NVG/NVIS Class B compatible
• DZUS mounting

Recorder Menu & Functions (SW)

• Simple start/stop across all recording channels simultaneously
• Individual control of recording channels

• Uncompressed and H264 compressed video data
• FFWD, REW, Pause playback

Bookmark/Event Marking
• User-defined bookmark events
• Playback from recorded bookmarks

Status Information
• Capacity of Removable Data Module (RDM)
• Estimated remaining time left of recording

Built-In Test (BIT) controls
• Review PBIT and IBIT results
• Start IBIT

Reset Recorder & Shutdown

Operating Temperature
• -45°C to +70°C operational temperature
• -55°C to +85°C storage temperature

Shock and Vibration
• Tested to MIL-STD-810

• -1500 to 40 000 ft (AC)*
• -1500 to 60 000 ft (CC)*

• Tested to MIL-STD-461

• Up to 100%, condensing

Size & Weight
• Width: 5.75”; height: 2.24” (146 x 57.2 mm)
• Depth: 1.54” (39 mm) (behind mounting rail) and 1” (25.4 mm) (in front of mounting rail)
• Weight: 0.73 lb (330 g)
• Mounting: DZUS

• Nickel-plated aluminum chassis
• PC300

* Contact factory for high altitude options