Ground Vehicle Computer

Highly-Versatile Rugged Ground Vehicle Computer

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The Galleon Ground Vehicle Computer (GVC) is a compact, high-performance platform for your in-vehicle processing applications. Building on Galleon’s long experience with military computer design, the GVC is designed specifically for vehicle applications and meets the most severe environmental conditions without compromising on functionality or performance. Removable storage with multi-layer encryption ensures a fast and secure offload of data. High-performance graphics in combination with multiple gigabit Ethernet ports, CANbus, USB 2.0 and 3.0, Serial Comms, GPIO, and audio, makes the GVC ideal for integration with state-of-the-art network-centric Battle Management Systems, Situational Awareness vehicle self-protection systems and vetronics applications. It implements full compatibility with the latest military vehicle standards such as VICTORY and GVA. The GVC is maintenance-free and offers reliable computing power at very low lifecycle costs. The flexible architecture allows several Intel Xeon-E processor options ranging from the low-power E3-1505Lv6 quad-core to the high-performance E-2276ME six-core CPU. At Galleon Embedded Computing we are proud to test our products to the full extent of MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461. “Designed to meet” simply isn’t good enough! Galleon Embedded Computing’s quality management system is certified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001.

Key Features
• Rugged Passive Air-Cooled Design
• Powerful Latest Generation Intel® CPU
• Up to 32GB SDRAM with ECC
• Wide Input 12-40V DC Power MIL-STD-1275
• MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 Qualified
• Optional AES-256 encryption
• IP66

Processor & Memory
• Latest generation Intel Xeon-E CPU
• Up to 32GB SDRAM with ECC

Front Panel Connections
• 7x Gigabit Ethernet
• 2x USB 3.0, 6x USB 2.0
• RS-232, RS-422, GPIO, Audio In/Out
• 2x DVI-D, 1x VGA • 1x CAN Bus interface
• 1x Power

• Up to 40TB removable solid-state storage

Data Security
• AES 256bit (option)
• Certified FIPS 140-2 encryption inside

Operating System
• Linux or Windows

Operating Temperature
• 0°C to +50°C standard temperature
• -40°C to +65°C extended temperature

Shock and Vibration
• MIL-STD-810

Sand and Dust
• MIL-STD-810 Fungus
• MIL-STD-810

Water Proofing
• IP66

• MIL-STD-461

• Up to 100%, condensing

Size, Weight & Power
• Size: 11.8 x 8.6 x 3.9“ (300 x 225 x 100 mm)
• Weight: TBD lb (kg) (min. configuration)
• Power, idle: 40 W

Power Supply
• 12-40V DC wide input

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