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Galleon Embedded Computing stands at the forefront of innovation, developing rugged, secure storage solutions, data recorder systems, servers, network-attached storage devices, and processing systems to effectively meet the demanding standards of the most adverse environmental conditions. The company’s product range is designed to cater to an extensive array of markets, from commercial-grade products for benign environments to precise ruggedized conduction-cooled solutions used in severe environments worldwide.

Galleon’s global presence, encompassing North America and Europe, provides the company with a competitive edge to offer premium-quality products that exceed its customers’ expectations. The comprehensive range of Galleon’s rugged computing solutions found across the globe ranges from exploring the ocean depths to space exploration and everything in between.

With a forward-thinking and innovative company like Galleon Embedded Computing, our customers can rest assured that we provide optimal solutions that can withstand the most demanding conditions.

We are Galleon Embedded Computing.



Uncompromised product quality

Galleon provides military and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system-level and board-level embedded computing products primarily aimed at high-speed data acquisition, high-density storage, recording, and computing.

Galleon’s products offer the highest levels of performance, innovation, and reliability in the market. We achieve this by applying state-of-the-art technology within the framework of well-established industry standards.


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Qualified, Certified, and Proven


Galleon Embedded Computing shall be an innovative leader in the development of high-performance, high-quality storage solutions and rugged data recording systems for severe environments. Galleon shall also be a reliable partner throughout the lifetime of long-term programs.

To assist in achieving this, Galleon has developed and implemented a Quality Assurance System that is structured to meet the requirements of EN 9100 and ISO 9001.


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