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5 Ways the G1 Family “Gets It Done” for Integrators

5 Ways the G1 Family “Gets It Done” for Integrators

The G1 product family has been one of the bedrocks of Galleon Embedded Computing’s continued success through the years. The G1 family provides a wide range of processing capabilities packaged in extremely small enclosures but with impressive low-power consumption. Combining their rugged design, functionality, and performance, G1 products have been an integrators friend during the lifetime of a program. Here are 5 ways the G1 family of products gets it done for integrators: 

1. Rugged Design: The G1 family of products are designed with superior rugged technology. The microNAS, microServer, and microRecorder are made to stand shock and vibration that is tested to MIL-STD-810 standards. Additionally, the product family is able to withstand temperature variations between -40 degrees Celsius to +75 degrees Celsius, and is functional within -1500 ft to 60,000 ft.  On top of the aforementioned specifications, the G1 family has humidity protection up to 100%, making the G1 family the right choice for integrators who want excellence in rugged design. 

2. Longevity: The G1 family of products gets it done with its longevity, making it a popular choice among integrators looking for a reliable and long-lasting computing solution. One of the factors contributing to the product family’s longevity is its low power consumption, which allows it to operate for extended periods, making it ideal for reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence and flight test applications where data must be collected and stored over long durations. This not only reduces energy costs but also extends the lifespan of the device. Additionally, the G1 product family has low lifecycle costs, meaning that it requires minimal maintenance and replacement parts over its lifespan. Despite this low maintenance requirement, the G1 product family offers high computing power, thanks to its advanced hardware and software components. This combination of low power consumption, low lifecycle costs, and high computing power makes the G1 product family an ideal choice for integrators looking for a long-lasting computing solution that offers low cost and superior performance. 


G1 Products featuring NIAP-Approved Dual-Layer Software Full Disk Encryption (SWFDE) & Hardware Full Disk Encryption (HWFDE) G1 Products featuring NIAP-Approved Dual-Layer Software Full Disk Encryption (SWFDE) & Hardware Full Disk Encryption (HWFDE)

3. Ease of Integration and Use: The G1 products are easily integrated into existing systems, allowing for the user to be able to incorporate it into a deployed application immediately. The ease of integration between the existing equipment within the application makes the G1 family of products a popular choice for integrators. One of the key features that enables this ease of use is the Removable Data Module (RDM), a secure storage module that allows for quick and secure transport of data. For example, the G1 microRecorder, a part of the G1 product family, includes RDM as a standard feature, enabling easy and secure transport of data from the device to other systems or platforms. Additionally, the G1 product family includes Linux Enterprise and Windows compatibility, making it easier for integrators to deploy these devices to improve operational capabilities.  

4. SWaP-C: The G1 family of products are Size, Weight, Power and Cost optimized, making it the right choice for systems that have size and power constraints. The Ultra-Small Form Factor and being able to provide a high computing power while still saving on size, while the low power consumption of the devices also makes them well-suited for use in mobile and battery-powered applications, which is critical in military and other field environments. For example, the Galleon Systems microNAS, which is part of the G1 product family, is a compact, low-power network-attached storage device that is ideal for use in mobile or remote environments where power and space are limited. Overall, the SWAP-C optimization of the G1 product family makes it an ideal choice for integrators who need powerful computing solutions that can be deployed in space-constrained and mobile environments. 

5. Service & Support: Galleon Embedded Computing prides itself on its products and the impeccable customer support and service it provides, and the G1 family of products is not an exception. From the sales staff to engineering, the Galleon staff is with the integrators through each step of the program and the lifetime of the product and the mission. Galleon will go through the necessary and beyond to provide the integrator with the right product and the assistance for the product for as long as needed.  

Galleon’s G1 Family of Computing Products are an innovative, secure, rugged computing solution that provides superior performance and reliability in challenging forward-deployed environments.