JULY 8, 2021

Galleon Embedded Computing has released a new white paper; NGVA Data Model and OpenDDS – A Practical example on how to use NGVA and OpenDDS.

The white paper outlines how to use the NGVA Data Model in OpenDDS and provides a practical example how it can be used to control the Galleon Video Recorder.

The comprehensive topics covered by the study range from conversion of the IDL files provided by the NGVA Data Model to C++ code, building OpenDDS, and creating applications to control the Galleon Video Recorder using OpenDDS.

“There are few, if any, existing online resources covering DDS and the NGVA Data Model. This White Paper depicts a practical example of how to make use of the NGVA Data Model and OpenDDS in a sub-system in a military ground vehicle.” Says author and software engineer Øystein Smith. “In this example the NGVA Data Model and OpenDDS will be used to control the Galleon Video Recorder. More specifically to start a video recording and start/stop a video stream.”

This study was written with software developers in mind, however, the concepts covered herein should be straightforward for those without a background in software development.

You can read and download the White Paper here; www.galleonec.com/white-papers/ngva

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