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Multi-Purpose Ground Vehicle Computer



Ground Vehicle Computers (GVCs) are a diverse category of computers that tackle equally diverse tasks. Due to the diversity of the GVCs and their applications, spares provisioning can become complicated. The alternative approach for tracked vehicle integration utilizes a single computer for multiple functions inside the vehicle.  Galleon’s GVC was designed to provide the perfect combination where processing, IO, and data storage, are all within a single unit.



In this application example, the customer required a single computer configuration that performs multiple functions; combat management, vehicle status monitoring, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and video processing for multiple crew stations. Size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) also needed to be minimized.

Galleon designed the GVC to provide all the connectivity and processing required for the display and combat management systems. The removable memory for the NAS was also modified to be small enough to fit in spaces available within the vehicle.

The application also required excellent reliability despite the extreme environment; rugged resistance, temperature variants, shock, vibration, and wash down, all necessary for the operation to run smoothly from beginning to end.



As a direct result of implementing Galleon’s GVC, the customer is now able outfit the vehicle with a system that has one type of spare per vehicle, for 5 different functions. The GVC, while being space efficient, operates under extreme environmental conditions. The compact size and durability allow the GVC to mitigate risks associated with electronics reliability such as shock absorption, cooling, water damage, temperature variations, etc.

The strength of the GVC is allowing the customer to use one product for multiple functions, saving space, time and energy. Additionally GVC ,being compatible with the latest military vehicle standards such as VICTORY and GVA, is maintenance-free, and offers a reliable rugged design to withstand the potential environmental hazards that arise during operations in rugged environments.

Galleon’s GVC provides easy-access removable storage, simplifying the process for transferring data to and from the vehicle. With data security a standard requirement, the GVC also provides FIPS-140 based encryption, based on the same encryption solutions deployed in many of Galleon’s other products.



Galleon’s GVC is a multifunctional computer that simplifies spares provisions. The versatility of function, whilst maintaining the SWaP optimized packaging and design necessary for fitting into compact spaces. The GVC was designed to provide the perfect combination where processing, IO, and data storage, are all within a single unit.

Contact Galleon for details on Victory and GVA options, certified encryption, and nuclear survivability.



The Solution

  • Reliability In Extreme Environments – IPP66 & MIL-STD-810
  •  SWAP-c Optimization
  • Multiple Capabilities in a Single Computer
  • Reliability In Extreme Environments – IPP66 & MIL-STD-810