Rugged Storage

The Removable Data Modules fits all Galleon data recorders, NAS and servers, providing an extremely flexible storage solution to suit the target application. The RDMs can be exchanged in the field in seconds, with no tools required.

The storage modules can be fitted supporting capacities up to 80TB total. All varieties of SSDs can be used, ranging from military grade ultra rugged to commercial grade for lab and development systems. Consequently, the storage can be optimized depending on the usage and specific needs. For example, commercial grade storage can be used for lab development and pre-deployment usage, where cost and optimization is of higher importance than data integrity. Then, when the unit is used on critical missions, industrial grade storage can be used to meet the most demanding environments.

For additional security, optional AES 256-bit encryption may to the RDM by using suitably firmware enabled SSDs. Further security enhancements such as quick erase and secure erase are supported on selected storage media.

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