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G1 Docking Station

For Removable Data Module (G1-RDM)

‣ No tools required‣ Easy access to data in the field
‣ High performance‣ USB 3.0 Interface
‣ High capacity

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The G1 Docking Station allows easy pre-mission and post-mission access to move data onto or from the G1 Removable Data Module. By leveraging industry-standard interfaces and file systems, the G1 Docking Station integrates easily with any computer system. Data can be accessed directly over the USB interface, or copied to the host computer. Transfer rates up to 400 MB/s are achievable depending on host computer hardware and software (OS).


The G1 Removable Data Module (G1-RDM) offers compatibility with all of Galleon’s G1 data recorders, NAS and servers, thus providing an extremely flexible storage management solution to suit the target application. The G1-RDM can be exchanged in the field in seconds, with no tools required, and is rated for 100,000 insertion cycles.


Equally well suited for test or mission-deployed applications, the G1 Docking Station offers a fast and efficient method for moving data between vehicle-mounted Galleon G1 systems and planning or debrief stations without the need for specialized tools or training. Keyed G1-RDMs make insertion and removal intuitive and simple.


The docking stations are sold as complete kits containing all required cabling and a universal 100V to 240V AC power supply is included. Standard operating system support provides the needed software interfaces to the data.


Galleon Embedded Computing’s quality management system is certified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001.

Key Features

Key Features
• Easy access to data from laptops or servers in the field
• USB 3.0 interfaces to storage media