10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder

Low-latency, Deterministic Ethernet Recorder and Playback System

‣ Missile testing‣ SWaP-C optimized
‣ Radar development and data recording‣ High performance
‣ High speed sensor data capture‣ Flexible and scalable
‣ Geological survey and seismic‣ Rugged design
‣ Physics research

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The Galleon 10GbE Rugged UDP Recorder and Playback system offers superior performance in an ultra-small form factor and can capture up to 8 channels of UDP traffic at 10GbE link speeds. It also provides high precision synchronized playback. This capability can be added to either the Galleon XSR product family or the Galleon High-Performance Recorder. An FPGA-based XMC design allows for 100% data capture with no dropped packets, low processor involvement, and accurate time stamping for playback.

The 10GbE UDP Recorder is optimized for deployed applications such as unmanned systems, pods and ground vehicles. Rugged LC Duplex or expanded beam form connectors for all interfaces ensure reliable operation in all conditions. The design is Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized. A selection of Xeon processors, including the latest 11th generation, with up to 96GB SDRAM supporting ECC, is available to manage the command and control of UDP Recorder.

Removable Data Modules (RDMs) enable short ground times for airborne applications and instant access to recorded data in the ground access system without the need to download the recorded data over a slow drain interface. Industry-standard solid-state drives are used to benefit from the ever-increasing storage densities and cost reductions as the technology evolves. The 10GbE UDP recorder has a simple C++ API for remote control over a separate Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Optional FIPS 140-2 and AES-256 hardware encryption provides a high level of data security with flexible key management options, including physical key tokens through front panel key loading port and remote loading over a secure network connection. The 10GbE UDP Recorder is designed to meet the most severe environmental conditions without compromising on functionality and performance. Galleon Embedded Computing’s quality management system is certified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001.

• Up to 8 channel 10 GbE UDP recording
• No dropped packets: 10 Gbps UDP recording, regardless of packet size
• Full UDP offload: CPU can focus resources on disk I/O, FPGA handles packets
• Cycle-accurate receive timestamps: 3.2 ns accuracy
• Cycle-accurate playback: can reproduce exact packet timing during playback
• Rugged LC Duplex or expanded beam optical connectors
• High bandwidth and high capacity storage solutions
• Optional Common Criteria / CSfC encryption
• GPS unit for date and time synchronization

10 Gigabit Ethernet
• Up to 8 channels
• LC Duplex or expanded beam form connectors (optional)

• Up to 80TB MLC SSD for SATA based solutions
• Up to 16TB for NVME based solutions
• Optional certified SWFDE and HWFDE

Rear Panel Interfaces
• Up to 8x optical 10GbE optimized for UDP recording
• Control and maintenance interfaces

Front Panel Interfaces
• Removable storage bay, toolless

Time Synchronization
• Time/date synchronization with optional GPS or NTP
On-board GPS unit (option)

Operating Temperature
• 0°C to +50°C standard temperature
• -40°C to +71°C extended temperature

Shock and Vibration
• Tested to MIL-STD-810

• -1500 to 40 000 ft (AC)*
• -1500 to 60 000 ft (CC)*

• Tested to MIL-STD-461

• Up to 100%, condensing

Size, Weight & Power
• 6.2 x 7.9 x 4.1” (min. configuration)
• Weight: 9.9 lb (min. configuration)
• Power, recording 4Ch 10GbE: 65W (typical)

Power Supply
• 16-40V DC wide input

* Contact factory for high altitude options