Spectra Aerospace & Defense is a trusted and growing platform of C5ISR companies – CALCULEX, Galleon Embedded Computing, and ArgonFDS - bringing over a half-century of rugged, mission-ready, battle-tested experience to bear in aerospace and defense applications. From high-speed data acquisition, data recording and secure, high-density storage, to computing and rugged, clear display of mission data, Spectra delivers the products and subsystems needed for the most demanding military air, land, and sea platforms. With our comprehensive portfolio of rugged products, systems, and solutions, the Spectra family of companies’ customized end-to-end solutions for the C5ISR market help military end-users achieve mission success. Simply put, Spectra's rugged solutions Capture, Process, and Display your mission-critical data in the harshest environmental conditions. In the air, at sea, on land, and in space; We simplify integration.


Data Acquisition

Sensor Recording


Mission Computing

Encrypted Storage

NAS & File Serving

Processing & Routing






New White Paper Release: NGVA Data Model and OpenDDS

KATY, TEXAS JULY 8, 2021 Galleon Embedded Computing has released a new white paper; NGVA Data Model and OpenDDS – A Practical example on how to use NGVA and OpenDDS.... Read More

NAS for Deployed Systems

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides an open standard interface for the collection, distribution, and security of data on deployed systems. Galleon Embedded Computing’s G1 and XSR NAS offerings... Read More

Galleon Embedded Computing Launches New Website

KATY, TEXAS MAY 19, 2021 Galleon Embedded Computing is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at galleonec.com. The new site features a modern streamlined design,... Read More

Virtual SOFIC 2021 – Visit with Galleon Embedded Computing Online

ONLINE, US, MAY 17. TO 21., 2021: Meet Galleon Embedded Computing at the virtual 2021 SOFIC. More information and schedule are available at SOFIC’s website. Please contact us at ... Read More

Screen Recording

Abstract This document describes different mechanisms available for recording the images that an operator on a rugged system sees on their computer screen. The options are compared to emphasize the... Read More

Galleon Announces The XSR Tactical Secure Server, a Powerful Ground Vehicle Computer

KATY, TEXAS APRIL 29, 2021 Galleon Embedded Computing is proud to announce their new ground vehicle computer, the XSR Tactical Secure Server. A server specifically engineered for tactical military... Read More

Galleon Supercharges the XSR Product Family with 9th Generation Intel® Processors

KATY, TEXAS APRIL 20, 2021 Galleon Embedded Computing is proud to announce the latest update in technologies applied across the XSR core product line. Now equipped with the 9th Generation... Read More

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Unmanned or autonomous underwater vehicle systems of today present never before seen capabilities for extended-duration missions ranging from commercial to military applications including: inspection and recovery environmental exploration... Read More

Meeting The Requirements For Artificial Intelligence

KATY, TEXAS NOVEMBER 16, 2020 Galleon Embedded Computing has once again proven its ability to solve the requirements of massive raw data collections at high bandwidth. For applications that require... Read More

Demand for 80 Terabyte Rugged Storage Exceeds All Expectations

KATY, TEXAS AUGUST 28, 2020 Galleon Embedded Computing announced that yet another defense program has selected and procured the XSR Rugged NAS with 80TB of removable storage, further solidifying Galleon’s... Read More

Abstract: Front Panel Data Port (FPDP) has been the preferred interface for high speed data streaming in embedded applications since the VME era in the 1980’s. With the introduction of... Read More

Galleon Embedded Computing Announces Ground Vehicle Computer

Mission Video Recorder

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The customer needed a multi-source digital video recorder for use onboard an airborne platform. This requirement also included additional/optional Audio and Composite video inputs, and the requirement to... Read More